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Personal blog of Maureen Holland.

Untidy nest of shiny things.

My CSS Mindset

I used to have Tim Gunn's catchphrase in my head during CSS development. A steady, insistent echo of “Make it work” encouraged me to brute force a lot of styles into place, condemning myself to a frustrating cycle of fixing something here only to find it was now broken there.


Thoughts on International Women's Day

I have mixed thoughts on International Women's Day, perhaps best encapsulated by the gender pay gap bot that notes discrepancies between a company's social media messages and real-world actions.



This is a catch-all post for a bunch of miscellaneous updates I've been meaning to do since last April: rel=me, microformatting, RSS, and garden bird themes.


A vanilla personal site

I rebuild my personal site every few years. This time, I decided I wanted to go as minimal as possible. It's been the most enjoyable iteration.